Versus: Misterpiro & Antonyo Marest

 In Entertainment, Stores
e had a great opportunity to do a fun collaboration with Mister Piro, who is a young, but very talented urban artist in Madrid. His unique style of painting and graffiti is becoming world famous, he is a globetrotter to show his artwork to the world.
In 27th of March 2016, Mister Piro and another urban artist Antonio hold an exhibition called Versus, to celebrate of the inauguration of the cool store in Madrid, Monkey Garage. Misterpiro made his own artwork on our flagship model, Retrola with vegetable leather. Feel the vibe of the event through the photos of the master piece and the party.


IMG_9528 IMG_9650-1IMG_9825 IMG_9823 IMG_9822 IMG_9812

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